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Supernatural Standalones

Title: A Shameful Addiction
Word Count: 687
Rating: PG
Summary: Comment fic written for the prompt: "Sam's too smart and curious for his own good. He HAS to know what the appeal of the Twilight books is. Problem is, he gets sucked in and can't look away. Obviously, he's gonna get busted." by lolaann1 at the spn_bigpretzel "I didn't know you..." meme.

Title: Deputy Morris and the Disappearing Man
Word count: 993
Genre/pairing: Gen
Summary: Written for Big Pretzel's Outsider POV comment fic meme. Prompt: A local cop arrests Dean and is bamboozled when a trenchcoated guy appears in the locked cell with his prisoner.

Title: Desolation in Greenish Eyes
Word count: 2,085
Rating: PG
Genre/Pairing: Dean/Cas (no funny business onscreen though), Sam POV.
Summary: Cas vents his angst through poetry. Then so does everyone else.
Warnings: Monstrously bad poetry.

Title: Efficient Use of Resources
Word Count: 702
Genre: Gen, teen!chesters
Summary: Rule number one for hunters: always use your resources efficiently. Or, Dean cooks dinner. That is all.

Title: Glimpses of Blue
Genre/Rating: Gen or Dean/Cas, G, angst
Summary: Post 7.02 Dean keeps seeing Cas. He's okay. Really.

Title: Help Me
Word count: 2,909
Rating: PG
Genre/Pairing: Gen
Summary: Dean is cursed with helpfulness. For cursed!week on spn_bigpretzel

Title: Honey Heals All
Length: 1,144 words
Genre/Pairing: Gen
Summary: Written for Spn big pretzel Outsider POV comment fic meme. Prompt: Nurse *Insert Name Here* is trying to track down next of kin of the hottie in bed number 2 after an extremely busy night in the ER.
Who would blame her for stabbing the moron in the trenchcoat who snuck up behind her and started talking about Bees?

Title: Maxwell Martin's Modern Menswear
Genre/Pairing: gen
Length: 3,497
Summary: Dean goes undercover as a model. Written for a prompt at SPN_Bigpretzel.

Title: Playing Fetch
Genre/Pairing: Slight Dean/Lisa, pretty much gen
Length: 1,347
Summary: Every summer solstice, Dean is cursed into dog-form for three days. Usually, Sam looks after him, but this year, Sam's gone and the task falls to Lisa. Lisa POV. For a prompt at hoodie time.

Title: The All-Conquering Spell of the Fuzzy Baby Sheep
Genre/Rating: Gen, G
Length: 814
Summary: Nobody is immune to the lambie effect. Not even Dean.

Days of Dean's Life Series

Title:  Days of Dean's Life
Genre: Gen
Word Count: 899
Summary: "So you're going with 'a shapeshifter stole my face and used it to pursue a career in daytime television'?"



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