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Title: A Shameful Addiction
Word Count:687
Rating: PG
Summary: Comment fic written for the prompt: "Sam's too smart and curious for his own good. He HAS to know what the appeal of the Twilight books is. Problem is, he gets sucked in and can't look away. Obviously, he's gonna get busted." by lolaann1 at the spn_bigpretzel "I didn't know you..." meme.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Supernatural. No offence is intended towards Twilight fans.

Sam jumped at the sound of a sudden, sharp knock to the door, his heart beating wildly.

“Dude, are you okay? You’ve kind of been in there a while. If you don’t say anything, I’m breaking the door down.” Dean informed him through the door.

“I’m okay,” Sam’s voice came out strangely squeaky. He jumped off the closed toilet and shoved the book into the back of the bathroom cabinet. It took some contortionism in the tiny room, but eventually he managed to position it so that it couldn’t be identified by the casual observer. “I’m fine, don’t come in.”  He flushed the toilet for good measure, washed his hands, and slid the lock back on the door.

Dean was looking at him weirdly when he emerged. “What?” Sam asked, feeling himself blush at how defensive the word sounded.

“What were you doing in there?” Dean asked.

“Want me to draw you a picture?”

“Come on, I know you weren’t on the can for two hours.”

Sam gulped. Surely he couldn’t have been in there that long. No, it was like ten minutes, tops. It wasn’t even a good book. The writing was bad. The heroine was whiny. The love interest was both dead and completely devoid of personality. And the mythology was so unrealistic! He glanced at his watch. Oh.

“I hope whatever you were doing in there was awesome. You missed Die Hard.” Okay, Sam was going to have to prevent Dean looking in that cupboard at all costs. There was no way his brother could find out that the reason he’d missed Die Hard was that he’d been reading a vampire book aimed at teenage girls and had lost track of time.

“Do you want to order dinner?” Sam tried to change the subject.

“You know what? Why don’t you go out and get us some?” Dean suggested.

Yeah right. The second Sam left, his brother was going to start searching the bathroom, and when Dean wanted to find something, no hiding place was safe.

“It’s your turn. I went yesterday.” Sam realised he was standing defensively in front of the bathroom door, and attempted to casually walk across to his bed and flop down upon it, indicating that he had no intention to move. Judging from Dean’s expression, it came out more awkward than casual.

“I’m old,” Dean complained. “You should be looking after me in my old age.”

When Dean finally left, after losing best-of-three Rock Paper Scissors, Sam waited until he heard the Impala rumble into life, and then dashed into the bathroom to collect the book and dispose of it before Dean got back.

He pulled the book out of its hiding place. If he threw it out in the dumpster behind the building, Dean would never know. He looked down at the creased black cover and dirty, dog-eared pages. He was nearly finished. Dean would be gone at least twenty minutes. If he threw it out now he might never find out if James killed Bella, or if Edward and Bella ended up together. There was only about a chapter to go. He could totally finish it before Dean got back. He repositioned himself to lean against the cabinet and opened the book.

“Hah! I knew it!” Sam jumped at the sound of his brother’s voice and looked up to see Dean grinning at him. “Good book, Sammy?”

Sam tossed the book aside and scowled at him. “No. It’s evil. It sucks you in, and you know it’s awful and you can see how bad the writing is and how shallow the characters are and how unhealthy the relationship is and the vampires sparkle, but you just can’t stop reading! Here, throw it out for me.” He threw the book at Dean.

Ten minutes later, Dean hadn’t returned from his mission to throw out the book. Sam smirked opened the motel room’s door, peering out into the parking lot. No sign of Dean. He closed the door quietly behind him and snuck around the back of the building.

There was Dean, standing at the dumpster, halfway through chapter three.   

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